No Distractions. No Expectations.

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So what the f#@k
is this all about.


The Caged In Podcast

Hosted by.

Petros Patsilivas


Season one.

The initial season focuses on a true enigma of cinema, developing a unique gonzo style of acting, the one and only; Nic Cage.

Podcast available: apple podcasts acast audioboom

The Caged In Podcast is a deep dive into the career of a chosen actor to see if subjecting yourself to high concentrates of one substance will rot your mind.

I follow two simple rules:

  1. No Distractions - no phones, laptops or outside world.
  2. No Expectations - no scores, opinions or prior knowledge.




Photos and

Keep up to date with what's going on with the podcast on the instagram page. They'll be plenty of stupid sh#t and information as to what's going down at The Caged In Podcast.


Caged In Podcast